Project 8: Logo Creation

Furever Homes BCard Mockup.jpg

For this project, I chose to create a logo for a non-profit pet adoption agency. Focusing on the idea of forever homes, the name Furever Homes came to mind as a playful interpretation.

The color choices were based on two feelings: trust and joy. Since pets become trusted and loyal companions for families and elderly individuals, I wanted that to come across. Thus, I used blue as the foremost color, since blue is commonly related to trust, and made sure the animals themselves were blue. Pets also bring happiness and joy to homes as well, so I used yellow as the accent color to represent that.

Project 8 Logo.png

I started by building the house structure. I used the shape tool to create one rectangular piece and would duplicate the shape and transform it to mirror the original to create the other half. This is how the roof was made and the side was made. I used one shape to create the foundation where the font is located. I merged the roof piece into one layer nd the house pieces into one layer so I could add the yellow stroke to it all.

To get the cat and dog, I found stock photos of each animal and opened them separately in Photoshop. I used the Quick Select tool to just choose the animal and moved it onto the logo design file. I then resized so they fit in the house and filled the selection with the blue color.

I lastly added Furever Homes in the same yellow accent color. The font is Boller Typeface, and I chose it because it was a bolder font that wasn’t over stylized but still had character to it and was playful like the name is itself. I adjusted the tracking to be larger so there is more space between the letters to fill the foundation shape more and make it much easier to read.

Project 8 Logo bw.png

For seeing a black and white logo, I had to make a few adjustments. I duplicated all assets and put them in their own folder, and added an adjustment layer for black and white over that. I adjusted the setting so that all yellow shades became black and all the blue became white. I added a black stroke onto the cat and dog for this because otherwise, they would completely disappear on a white background. The above image is the final result which can be used on any color background.

Project 8 Logo favicon.png

For the favicon, I made a new design that fits the logo and brand as a whole but works well being the tiny image that a favicon is. When I tried the original logo as a favicon, all detail is lost, so I created this new image, where the house is now full and has a paw print. Below is an example of how it looks as a favicon and an app icon.


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