Project 11: Web Ads

For this assignment, we had to create banner ads for the web for a specific holiday or season. I decided to do one of my favorite times of the year, which is Halloween-Christmas by doing the Nightmare Before Christmas themed Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

Because Disney is a family-friendly brand, these ads would best be placed in family friendly sites. I could see these next to the popular toy and kids channels on YouTube, mom bloggers, and entertainment related sites as well.

I intentionally pulled imagery directly from the attraction, such as the iconic curled hill, the monster wreath, the scary Christmas banner, and the glowing yellow eyes (context seen below).


Because the attraction opens in October, I went with the orange and black color palette of Halloween instead of Christmas, because the attraction would more likely start being advertised for Halloween and the Not-So-Scary events. Because Disney is all about magic and creating a magical time for families and visitors, I used the call-to-action of “See The Magic” instead of Learn More. And lastly, I changed the color of the Disneyland Park logo to be orange and match the rest of the ads. I found fonts online to match both the Disneyland style and the traditional Haunted Mansion style so any text would fit both the park as a whole and the attraction itself.


Skyscraper-GifFinally, for my animated ad (on the left), I used the skyscraper because it has the lit jack-o-lanterns. I made a couple of them flicker between lit and dark, so it is subtle instead of annoyingly in your face and distracting (I personally really dislike overly-animated ads).

I am not affiliated with the brand and that the images are for educational purposes only.

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