Project 5: Typography Menu


For this project we had to create a menu, focusing on typography usage and how different typefaces worked together. For my restaurant, I chose The Parlor, which is an ice cream shop in Sacramento. They serve ice cream puffs, which are donuts filled with ice cream, and other sweet treats.

I wanted this to be as close to their actual branding as possible and reflect the vibe and aura the stores have. I used the eyedropper tool to pull this chalkboard gray color from their logo to use as the background color. I added a white dotted frame, another design found in the logo, by taking a regular round brush and changing the brush presets for spacing. While holding shift to keep it a straight line automatically, I painted the frame.I painted it on its own layer and later merged it with the background.

I used three different fonts with differing purposes. The logo has two fonts; “the parlor” is called Brightside Typeface. “Ice Cream Puffs” is in a font called Gentium Book Basic. I reused the Gentium Book Basic font as the headers of different sections, such as “Specialty Puffs”, the different flavors, “Macaron Sandwich”, and “Toppings”. This font is also used for item names.

The last font I used was for the descriptions for various items, with is the condensed italic version of Myriad Pro. I adjusted the leading between item names and their descriptions to be closer together than automatically done.

The last things I added were the images of the ice cream puff and macaron sandwich, which I found on The Parlor’s Instagram page. I isolated the products from the background and removed the backgrounds so the images looked more natural on the menu. I also edited the macaron to give it a similar look that the puff had when brought in, because the puff had an Instagram filter applied. This editing involved lower the saturation and brightness of the macaron sandwich.

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