Project 13: Social Media

For this project, we had to design social media assets for a travel-related brand with Spring Break in mind. I chose Canada Keep Exploring, which is a guide to traveling to Canada created by Destination Canada, which is a travel bureau of sorts. I mainly chose Canada since it’s the opposite direction of Mexico, which is very popular for spring break. My goal with this campaign is to have US residents, particularly students, consider traveling north to Canada instead of south toe Mexico for spring break.

FB Cover 1FB Cover 2FB Cover 3

Above are my Facebook covers. There were three main parts I wanted to focus on: 1) Canada being opposite of Mexico, 2) Canada not being solely a land of ice and snow, and 3) Canada being a unique destination for spring break.

The first piece I used the phrase “Why go south when you can go north” so a reference to Mexico and Canada in comparison to the US. The second I showcased that Canada has beaches and warm weather, not just snow and forests. Lastly, the Northern Lights are seen in Canada, which is a unique experience to the area and thus a unique opportunity for spring break.

FB Mockup

For Twitter, I want to stay consistent so I chose my favorite Facebook cover image and made a size specific one for Twitter.

Lastly, I created a Geofilter for Snapchat using a maple leaf image and adding the “Keep Exploring” from the company’s name.  I’ve mocked up the design on an image to better view.

Geofilter mockup

This is for educational purposes only and that I am not affiliated with the brand.

Sizing for images for the social media platforms was determined from Sprout Social’s Always Up-To-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes. 

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