Project 3: Pizza Layers

pizzacrust For this assignment, we used the selection and layers functions in Photoshop to create an image of a pizza.

To start, I took the crust image and removed the white background. I actually went to the selection tab and chose color range selection and picked the white of the background to remove it. From there I replaced the background with a wood table image from Google. I used a generic round brush in a dark red to create the sauce, and a sporadic spray style brush in a very light yellow for the cheese.

I opened the different topping images separately in Photoshop and selected out the various veggies and meats to add to the pizza using the quick selection tool. I took the new layer of a topping and duplicated it multiple times and would transform and rotate the copies to create multiples of a single topping and make them look scattered and more like how a pizza actually looks. I put each type of topping in a group, thus all the mushrooms had their own folder, etc. I labeled the group with colors as well, so green was veggies and red was meats.

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