Project 9: Mood Board

MA mood board.jpg

This assignment we had to create a mood board either for our own personal brand or do an existing brand. I ended up doing my own personal brand, but after creating two other boards for other brands that I wasn’t as happy with.

I started with the colors, which are color chosen from my logo. Black and white are the main colors overall, with the blues and reds as more of accent and secondary colors. Overall I prefer darker and cooler colors, so the hot pink is the one true pop in color to be used. The hex codes are as follows:


  • Black #000000
  • White #ffffff
  • Dark Red #8a0b16
  • Dark Blue #0c1e32
  • Light Blue #5e97a8
  • Pink #ea2d4a




For imagery, I used Pexels, a stock photo curating site, to find images that relate to creation, is very clean, and mostly black and white with little bits of color. Because photography is a huge part of my background as a creative person, I was drawn towards the images that had cameras and photography in them. I consider myself a very passionate and driven person so I included the scrabble image, plus I love board games and writing so it was a very fitting image. Creating and being creative is a huge piece of my personal brand so having the create image being very large symbolizes that. And then an image of a wireframe drawing, showing my designer side and what I am currently striving to be: a web designer.

Overall I wanted to keep the mood board very simple and clean, which tends to be my style in general but also visually easy to take in. I wanted to avoid too much clutter, which my first mood boards had excessively. I overlapped images because they all had the white/ neutral backgrounds so they already felt divided enough to not need any additional division (stroke, lines, etc).

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