Project 14: Infographic

Tiger Info

For this assignment, we had to create an infographic based on one of three topics. I chose the Bengal Tiger facts, which can be found from National Geographic.

I wanted to keep the infographic easy to read while being more sporadic in the placement of facts, so I kept the background full black with white and bright orange colors to be strong contrast. I placed the facts themselves slightly unevenly but balanced between left and right sides so no one side became to visually heavy. I alternated colors between facts to differentiated between them. All text is the same font (Oswald), which I kept the same because the infographic is already visually striking with colors that multiple fonts seemed unnecessary.

For graphics, I wanted to keep it simple and not take too much space. I included an illustrated tiger on the top and then a graphic of India, which I changed to match the orange color. I balanced this by creating large portions of facts on the other side (2 to 3ft for example).

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