Project 6: IMC Practice


The brand I chose to do my IMC practice for is Jordandene, a subtly geeky clothing brand which focuses on making handmade apparel with pop culture themes that can be worn every day. They let the images do the talking. The brand is very crisp, clean, and simple, and I wanted to reflect that in the ad.

I started with wanting to showcase the products themselves, so I took the 800 x 600 px size and used grid markers to make evenly spaced sections to put the images in. I decided to do 5 columns so there is a clear center and an even amount on each side of the center.

I chose the products mostly based on how potentially well-known the references were; Harry Potter and Star Wars are quintessential geeky references that large audiences will understand, thus reflecting that this is a geek brand without putting the word geek on it. I kept the products showing presumably female models because of the slogan choice and target market, although the products are unisex.

I created the slogan “Everyday Fangirl” because that is essentially what Jordandene portrays and wants to reach out to. This is clothing for everyday wear for people who are fans of pop culture. And “fangirl” is a colloquial term in fandom communities that the target consumer will relate to, and the target market is largely female.

I tried to find as similar of a font for the slogan based on the logo for Jordandene, which is located on the bottom right. I wanted the fonts to match so I looked for a sans serif type and chose Avenir LT Std. I then added the gradient overlay layer style to the slogan, using the light gray from the logo and a darker gray, and keeping it a linear gradient.I kept the ad color free for text because the brand as a whole keeps designs very clean and monotone, only using white and gray for designs. The color comes from the images, which is what the brand does overall.

Below are some example designs, taken from and


I am not affiliated with the brand in any way and that this project is for educational purposes only.

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