Project 2: Image Manipulation


For this project assignment, we had to manipulate an image using filters and utilize layers in order to create a shareable quote image.

I started with taking the practice theme of seashore and twisting it to fit the quote I thought of. The quote is the last line in the novel The Great Gatsby, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite novels and was the first line that came to mind.


The image I wanted needed to be more tempestuous, so I found this image (original above) of waves crashing from Pexels. I then added the dry brush filter in the artistic section of the filter gallery. I wanted it to look like a painting and to be softer, but still showing the tempest. I chose a clean circle for the shape to make sure I had enough space for the quote, and gave it a white color with lower opacity so the texture of the image still came through.

The font color I pulled from the image using the color picker tool, so it would look like the text was cut out of the circle but was still legible. I used a font I have downloaded called Audrey, because it’s elegant with a touch of contrast between the curves and straight lines to keep it interesting. I also went in and adjusted the spacing between the lines and letters in the character setting to be a little more compact than the font traditionally does.

See other projects for this course on the Graduate Projects page.



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