Project 4: Image Corrections

For this project, we were provided specific images to correct and combine into a final image.

First, I took the giraffe image and removed the background using the color select option in the selection menu and deleting it. I then erased any leftover residue, including the hairs on the right side of the image. In order to remove the white spots on the tongue, I started the using the Patch tool to take care of larger areas, and then used the Healing tool and selected the darker areas in order to clean and create a more overall coverage, without losing texture. I lastly used the Spot Healing tool to remove one of the neck spots.

After adding the background layer behind the giraffe, I positioned it so the elephant would have a clear spot in the background. I adjusted the placement of the giraffe to be slightly off-center as if he popped up in the frame suddenly.

For the elephant, I used the Quick Selection tool to select the elephant from his original image and then inverted the selection to delete the background. I adjusted his size so he looked further into the background. I also flipped him so he would face the opposite direction, which gave him more nose room and balanced it out.

The sunglasses were added, and I adjusted the size so they would fit the face and cover both eyes. I rotated the image so it would tilt with the giraffes head.

Project 4.jpgI added a color balance adjustment but layered it so it only changed the background and elephant to match the brightness of the giraffe. I only adjusted the levels to be a touch more yellow and cyan.

Finally, added the speech and thought bubbles to add the animal puns, because the image was on the sillier side so I wanted to embrace that.

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