Project 12: E-Mail Campaign

newsletter.jpg This assignment, we continued the IMC campaign from our previous web ads assignment, where I created ads for Disneyland for Halloween, focusing on the Haunted Mansion Holiday. This email campaign elaborates on that, including more of the Halloween events and specialties Disneyland offers.

I started by researching what all Disneyland does for Halloween. The first main event is the specialty attractions, such as Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. The second is Mickey’s Halloween Party, where ticketed guests of the event get special access to Disneyland for a specialty parade, fireworks, trick-or-treating, and characters. These are the two events the email would focus on sharing.

I used the same logo that is found on all of the web ads, being the orange version. The navigation bar matches what is found on the website for Disneyland itself.

I continued the call-to-action of “See the Magic” instead of Learn More. The top image just showcases one of the first things you see at Disneyland which is the giant Mickey jack-o-lantern in Main Street. The call-to-action leads to the main site for Halloween Disney.

The lower half of the email features the events mentioned before, each with images of the events to provide a visual of what they are. I wrote the body copy to be similar to what is available on the site, using the same spook-tacular puns as they do.

Lastly, the footer includes the social media icons, contact information, copyright information, and the different interactions with the email (unsubscribe, share, and view in browser).

This project is for educational purposes and I am not affiliated with Disney.

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