Graduate Projects

Grad proj

This page is an archive of all work done for my Master’s Degree in Mass Communication at the University of Florida. It is listed starting with the most recent work and by course.

MMC5277: Web Design Principles, Fall 2017

VIC 5315: Corporate and Brand Identity, Fall 2017

VIC5325: Digital Imagery in Web Design, Spring 2017

Discussion Post Designs
Project 1: Introduction
Project 2: Image Manipulation
Project 3: Pizza Layers
Project 4: Image Corrections
Project 5: Typography Menu
Project 6: IMC Practice
Project 7: Book Cover
Project 8: Logo Creation
Project 9: Mood Board
Project 10: Wireframe & Mockup
Project 11: Web Ads
Project 12: E-Mail Campaign
Project 13: Social Media
Project 14: Infographic
Final Project: IMC Campaign

VIC5326: Digital Layout and Design, Spring 2017

Midsemester Project: Informational Brochure
Final Project- Digital Recipe Book