It’s More Than A Sheet of Paper

Two phrases I have heard the most about my graduation today are “Congratulations!” and “It’s just a piece of paper.” Clearly opposing sentiments, but the more I hear the latter the more it cements my frustration with the experience of graduating. Mainly, because those that say it’s only a sheet of paper are completely, utterly,…

A Lone Wolf on the Internet

I recently read this post by Liam O’Dell about how Twitter both unites and divided bloggers. I have seen many of these groups interact, felt both included and excluded from various groups, and generally confirmed that I am a lone wolf of the internet.

Why I Have Stopped Trying to Monetize

As a blogger, you often seek out help when setting up various parts of your blog, like domains and hosting, writing posts, the works. Hell, I even write these posts myself. And these very posts got me to try I do something I would not enjoy: monetization.

My Mental Health Story

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I have been sharing different facts about mental illness through a social media campaign. And I have spoken very briefly about my own mental health issues in Look Through My Lens. But I think the best way to not only understand why I am so passionate about mental…

On Writer’s Block

I have been struggling to write for the past few months, and I know that this happens to so many of us and often.