How To Update Old Blog Posts

If you read my post about amateur blogging mistakes then you know I was guilty of most of the ones I mentioned. Most of this was discovered while doing a huge blog post update on A Geek Girl’s Guide. While this was a pretty large endeavor, I’m going to share the process of updating old…

How To Manage Your Time As A Blogger

Of all skills bloggers need to master, time management is the most important. Without it, we’re all over the place, nothing is scheduled or planned, and we’re losing our minds. Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.

Leveraging Communities

One of the most helpful pieces of blogging advice I never see is about blogging communities. We vaguely know they exist, but do we really know how to best leverage them? Well, I’m here to crack the code on communities.

Including Visual Elements

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. You can learn more on my About page. An essential part of every blog post is visual elements. Ranging from images to videos and more, visuals help capture the attention of your audience and keep their…

Generating Ideas

Sometimes the hardest part of blogging is coming up with ideas, especially in moments of lackluster motivation and burnout. And sometimes you just get stuck after having so many ideas. But, there is a way to help you get back to coming up with ideas quickly.

Content Calendar That Works

When it comes to blogging, I live and die by my content calendar. It is the place where ideas become posts, and the one thing I use the most when it comes to anything blogging related. Finding a content calendar that works took a lot of trial and error, but these are my secrets to…

Google Tools for Bloggers

Google has a huge variety of tools and services to help anyone and everyone, including us bloggers. We have all heard of AdSense and Adwords and Analytics, but what other tools does Google have for bloggers?

Writing a Post

Let’s be real, with writing posts you don’t have a blog. And while I think everyone will have a different style of writing, there are some basic steps we can all use to streamline the process.

Crafting Your About Page

I guarantee that readers will visit your about page as soon as they get to your site or finish reading whatever got them there in the first place. We want to know more about who we are reading; it helps with getting their trust. So having a well crafted about page is super important.

Quick and Easy Logo Design

A logo is the key visual element that will help readers identify your blog immediately, no matter where they are online. They are also easily one of the most time consuming pieces of building a blog, because we try so hard to get to perfection. Well, my goal is to help ease the process of…

Starting a Blog

For the first post of this series, it makes the most sense to start at the very beginning of the process: actually starting your blog. And I know you can find countless posts on this topic thanks to Pinterest, but I am going to focus on the very first baby steps of the process.

How To Succeed In Blogging Without Really Trying

You probably read this title and thought “What? Is that possible?” or, if you are already a blogger, you’re thinking “No, it takes so much work. Who does she think she is saying you can do it without working?” I am not saying it doesn’t take work, what I am saying is that you can…