Why You Should Diversify Your Work

Being a creator means I usually find new ways to create and express myself or tell a story differently. I’ve been creating for such a long time that I definitely understand and respect the importance and enjoyment of diversifying your work. And with how the world works now with so much content being made and…

Including Visual Elements

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. You can learn more on my About page. An essential part of every blog post is visual elements. Ranging from images to videos and more, visuals help capture the attention of your audience and keep their…

Design-A-Day Challenge

Since I’m working on becoming a designer, I figured it was a good way to challenge myself and also grow my portfolio by starting the Design-A-Day Challenge.

Design vs. Art

I find there is a little misunderstanding about being an artist and a designer, and often it looks like design is art in many peoples eyes. But, there is a clear difference between the two.

Michelle Anneliese Designs

It’s officially official, I’m going to be working freelance in design and communications, offering a variety of services!

Why I Went Live

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen that I talk quite a bit about Twitch, the live streaming platform of gaming and creative content. Most of this is because my main form of entertainment is Twitch and I am close with a few streamers and communities. And I knew it was a potential platform for…

Adobe Apps Review

Adobe is definitely known for creating different software and programs for all types of creation. From Photoshop to Premiere to Illustrator and more, we’ve all at least heard of an Adobe tool. They have broadened their scope to include apps, so I tested some of the free ones on Android you can try.

My Creative Tool Kit

As creatives, we all have our own toolkit that helps us be creative and do what we do. And all of our tool kits are different, but they are all necessary to get our creative juices flowing and to get our work done. My creative tool kit contains the following: