On Hiatus

Hello! For those that stay more up-to-date on my blog, this will be a bit more relevant. I am going to be dropping in consistency and taking a hiatus from writing over the summer months. I will be traveling for work so posting, commenting, and engagement from my end will drop for the time being. But,…

Featured Products

I create templates, overlays, and basic kits for the varying services I offer. You can find these products on Creative Market and Gumroad. Featured Products are below! If you want to see new products, including preorders and coming soon, check out the Products page.

Michelle Anneliese Designs

It’s officially official, I’m going to be working freelance in design and communications, offering a variety of services!

On Taking An Impromptu Break

So, it’s been awhile, and I am even having trouble writing this post. Obviously, I took an impromptu break from the writing world. Part of this was to explore new opportunities, part of this was a battle with depression, and part of it was incredible sense of overwhelm I have with everything in my life. 

Why I Went Live

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen that I talk quite a bit about Twitch, the live streaming platform of gaming and creative content. Most of this is because my main form of entertainment is Twitch and I am close with a few streamers and communities. And I knew it was a potential platform for…

Reader Survey: Give Your Input

Give your input about blogging and online content, popular topics you enjoy, and help me with my content and projects! Fill out the survey below.

New Look is Here

This has been the summer of re-branding, for sure. With complete site redesigns for Look Through My Lens and A Geek Girl’s Guide, to my social media headers, business cards, and logos, it was about time for me to re-do this page to fit what was out there and to prep for future expansion.

Stop The Presses!

If I could actually say this at a newspaper office one day, that would be pretty cool. But seriously, my presses are stopping.

Hey, What’s Up, Hello

If you are reading this, you probably know about me from one project or another, whether it is Look Through My Lens or A Geek Girl’s Guide, or maybe Social Millennial. More than likely you saw this on a Facebook group thread for new posts or the Community Pool. No matter how you got here,…