Tips For Taking Your Own Headshots

We all need a good headshot for one reason or another, but sometimes we can’t afford a photographer or don’t have other resources to get an awesome looking headshot. But, you can fairly easily do your headshot yourself with these quick tips.

Why You Should Diversify Your Work

Being a creator means I usually find new ways to create and express myself or tell a story differently. I’ve been creating for such a long time that I definitely understand and respect the importance and enjoyment of diversifying your work. And with how the world works now with so much content being made and…

How To Update Old Blog Posts

If you read my post about amateur blogging mistakes then you know I was guilty of most of the ones I mentioned. Most of this was discovered while doing a huge blog post update on A Geek Girl’s Guide. While this was a pretty large endeavor, I’m going to share the process of updating old…

Top Amateur Blogging Mistakes and How To Fix Them

We were all amateurs at one point, and we’ve made a few mistakes to get to where we are and we’ll probably make some more along the way. But, there are a few mistakes I have seen often and have done myself before that are really easy to fix.

How To Manage Your Time As A Blogger

Of all skills bloggers need to master, time management is the most important. Without it, we’re all over the place, nothing is scheduled or planned, and we’re losing our minds. Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.

Knowing What You’re Good At

This post is originally from Look Through My Lens. If you’re anything like me, you reflect on yourself quite often. You might even make lists of different things about yourself. This post is specifically focusing on making a list of things you think you are good at. And I’m not talking about that list you…

Black and White Photos are Like a Woman’s Little Black Dress

This post is originally from Look Through My Lens. Classic. Iconic. Simple. Elegant. These words are ubiquitous with 2 things: the little black dress and black and white photography. It is said that every woman needs a little black dress in her closest. If that’s true, then everyone needs a black and white photo on…

Leveraging Communities

One of the most helpful pieces of blogging advice I never see is about blogging communities. We vaguely know they exist, but do we really know how to best leverage them? Well, I’m here to crack the code on communities.

5 Ways to Keep Creativity Alive

This post is originally from Look Through My Lens. Sometimes creativity is an enigma. One second it is there and the next it is gone. When you invest your time into a creative activity, it is imperative to keep creativity and imagination alive. But how exactly can that be done?

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