Hey, I’m Michelle Anneliese.

By day I am a marketing manager, specializing in online and social media marketing. I freelance as well in photography, web design and management, and social media. I am also a grad student in Web Design and Online Communications. So basically I spend all day every day online.

8- no logo.pngYou can see all of my design and writing work by visiting the Projects page, learn how to Work With Me or Support me and keep in Contact with me. You can also find my business online on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
I know that many things I will write will not be shared ideas and opinions by every single reader, and I hope that you, as readers, understand that too. I am not stating facts in any way, shape or form. I am just sharing what I know, and I open it up to you to share also. Everyone experiences art and life differently, but as long as we are all experiencing said things, the world is a happier place.