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I have used my fair share of image editors out there, from PicMonkey to Canva to Gimp. And I will fully stand by that Photoshop is worth the money and the best out there, especially for bloggers and other content creators. And I have been using Photoshop for many years and still learn cool tricks and tools all the time. These are my current must haves as both a designer and a blogger.


Actions are my new favorite thing ever! Basically, it is a way to record different things you do in Photoshop that involve multiple steps into a single click automation. I love using it to batch resize photos to be more web optimized, automating a matte effect and duotone effects, and adding watermarks or other branding to images. You can record your own or even download different actions you may find relevant.  Open your Actions window to see what is pre-set in Photoshop and start testing it out. It’s such a huge time saver, especially when you need the same action to be done to multiple photos.

Smart Objects

I didn’t realize the awesome aspects of smart objects until I started creating social media templates.  I recommend smart objects so you can easily replace images or other elements with a double click. If you use templates at all or have a standard design overlay you use often (blog images, social media, etc) using smart objects will make the work so much easier. You can also convert a layer into a smart object super easily, just right-click on the layer and it’s in the options menu.


Most people who use Photoshop know what brushes are and do. But what’s cool about brushes is the ability to make your own. It’s a common way for some to make watermarks for various purposes. You can also download some cool effects brushes that can be helpful for various blogging purposes. I have watercolor brushes that I love and use often personally.


Seriously, CC Libraries is AMAZING! You can create different libraries for different purposes and they connect between all Adobe applications, so a library I made in Photoshop can be used in InDesign and Premiere and all over. It’s great for organizing a style guide and different elements you use often. If you use specific colors often, specific fonts, or have a logo you want to include often, just put them in libraries. And if you have different projects you can make libraries for each project. As an example, I have a library for A Geek Girl’s Guide, another one for my YouTube channel, and then one for this blog. Seriously, I can’t recommend libraries enough it makes organization of assets so easy.


Do you want to learn more about the ins and outs of Photoshop? CreativeLive has an annual Photoshop Week and the registration for this years is open now! Learn from experts and master this awesome software. Photoshop Week is May 15-20th!

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6 Replies to “Photoshop Tools for Bloggers”

  1. This is really awesome and helpful. I do product to review and getting the right picture is quite hard.I’ve never heard of CC libraries but it sound really helpful!


  2. I just recently made the jump in photoshop, so this post is aptly timed. I am still so green and everything is so confusing- do have a tutorial?


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