Tips For Taking Your Own Headshots

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We all need a good headshot for one reason or another, but sometimes we can’t afford a photographer or don’t have other resources to get an awesome looking headshot. But, you can fairly easily do your headshot yourself with these quick tips.

Know Your Tech

Whether you’re using a DSLR or a point and shoot or even your smartphone, knowing how to work your tech will make the overall shoot easier, especially when shooting yourself. I personally use my DSLR for personal shoots, but I know I can get a quality headshot from my phone if I needed to. So choose the device with a camera you know best.

Use Natural Lighting

My advice for all photography is use natural light whenever you can. The “golden hour” is the best time of day for photos which is around 5pm. If you are shooting inside, shooting when the sun comes through windows will work nicely. Artificial lighting will be too harsh unless you have the equipment and skills to work with it, which is more difficult to do by yourself.

Use a Remote or Timer Settings

Time settings can be found in almost all camera, including your phone. Setting a timer for enough time to get in front of the camera and having multiple shots taken from that click will work well. Remotes are also super great for taking your own photos, since you can trigger it from wherever you want. These tools and settings will make your photos look less like a selfie and more professional.

Have Patience

Taking your own headshot can be very frustrating and time consuming. It certainly takes more patience than having a photographer do it. Not every shot will be the best shot, and having to shoot, check, shoot, then check, shoot some more, check again is daunting. But, if you have the patience and time to work at getting what you want, taking your own headshot is so worth it.

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9 Replies to “Tips For Taking Your Own Headshots”

  1. Very nice detailed post, thank you. It would be really helpful if you could illustrate some points of what to do and not to do with actual photographs. This way it’s easier and quicker to understand and process the information. Is there any reason why there are no photos in your article?


  2. I soooooo need this advice! I think my DSLR camera will also use my phone as a remote where I can see what my DSLR lens sees…but I haven’t gotten around to figuring this out yet. Thanks for the extra nudge to get going on it 🙂


  3. These are great tips! I’m just starting out, so I’m unable to invest funds in professional photography right now, but this post will be really helpful when I’m ready to take headshots.


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