How To Update Old Blog Posts


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If you read my post about amateur blogging mistakes then you know I was guilty of most of the ones I mentioned. Most of this was discovered while doing a huge blog post update on A Geek Girl’s Guide. While this was a pretty large endeavor, I’m going to share the process of updating old posts I created to make it a smooth process.

Pick A Starting Point

This is pretty much are you starting from current and going back to the beginning, or the opposite. You want to choose one and stick to it, because doing a mass update can’t be done sporadically.

Plan A Strategy

What are you updating exactly? Make a checklist with everything you want to check, whether it’s updating images, linking to other content, or updating the body copy itself. If you know what you want to update before you start, it will become a much faster process. My main focus was updating images and linking to newer and related content. You may want to do more or less updates. It all depends on what your motivation is.

Break It Down

When I was updating A Geek Girl’s Guide, it took a few days. I went by pages and would write down which page was my stopping point for the night so I could pick it up later. Updating doesn’t have to be a sprint, it can definitely take more time as needed. And the longer you’ve been writing, the more content you will need to update so it will surely take more time.

Have you updated old content before? What are your tips for doing updates? Share them below.

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9 Replies to “How To Update Old Blog Posts”

  1. Thanks for these ideas. I have been using hootsuite to share old blog posts. I had to go back and update a bunch of them anyway because I changed my blog name and platform.


  2. Ah- I hate updating old posts! But yes, I do get it done (or I try to). My tip is to normally do them in bulk so you keep your mindset and the same system. But truthfully, I put it off till I absolutely have to lol


  3. I’m very new to blogging, but I’m already finding things I want to update, and I’ve been trying to decide how to go about it. This is very helpful!


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