Black and White Photos are Like a Woman’s Little Black Dress

This post is originally from Look Through My Lens.

Classic. Iconic. Simple. Elegant.

These words are ubiquitous with 2 things: the little black dress and black and white photography. It is said that every woman needs a little black dress in her closest. If that’s true, then everyone needs a black and white photo on the wall. Nothing is more beautiful than the simplistic beauty of a black and white photo.


There is a great deal of art involved in capturing a black and white photo. You can’t just click and boom! you have a fantastic black and white photo. It carries so much history that you have to respect the process and do it with care. The same can be said for a little black dress. There is great history of the Little Black Dress, starting with Coco Chanel in the 1920’s (pictured above). It carries so much history, much like photography, and has earned its respect, especially with a name drop like Chanel attached to it’s label. You can’t just put on a a black dress and bam! you are a vision in a ebony cocktail dress with as much glam as Audrey Hepburn, much like you can’t put a black and white snapshot on the wall and call it art.


I love black and white photography (if you couldn’t tell already by the nature of this post). It’s classic and simple and always beautiful. The lack of color doesn’t bore me. It is harder to create a black and white photo, especially when all we see around us is color. By taking out the color from an object, you can pull out a soul and beauty from something that would be clouded in color. I’d like to think that, by wearing a little black dress, the same thing can happen for a woman. By wearing something so simple yet classic, it can bring out her inner beauty and soul and personality that you might not see cluttered by yoga pants and tube tops.


Black and white photography is the little black dress of the art world. Classic, Iconic, Simple, and Elegant.


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