C is for… Create


C is for…. create.

I like to think that I’ve always been a creator of some kind. Throughout my life I have been creating something.

I believe it goes way back to my grandmother. I feel like a lot of people connect with their grandparents through food, but I didn’t. My grandmother was a painter, thus an artist and not a chef. Seeing her create at such a young age, and seeing my mother create what she enjoys and my father and brother, just makes me a creator to the core.


In middle school and high school, I would film little videos (today we call them vlogs) with my friends on a point and shoot camera (which I still own!). I taught myself how to edit videos (these videos are very rough and shall stay forever hidden deep within the depths of private albums on Facebook). I was also a photographer and a dancer at this age as well. I entered photo contests locally and won some ribbons. I danced for over 12 years and would create my own routines.

I’ve carried this need to create my whole life, which deeply explains why I’m a writer and why I went the freelance designer path versus some big company marketing team. I’d rather create every day in some way than not.

What is your C? Let me know with a comment!

Want to see what I create every day? Follow my Instagram and the #DesignADay Challenge!


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