How To Never Stop Learning

This post is originally from Look Through My Lens.


One of the greatest parts about being a human is the ability to gain and retain copious amounts of knowledge. But in order to gain such knowledge, we have to learn. I am a huge advocate for learning outside of a classroom, and to never stop learning new things. But how does one keep learning outside of school?


It is known that the fastest way to learn about new cultures, languages, food, and people is to travel to new places. It may be the more expensive way to learn new info, but it’s certainly worth the money for the experience and knowledge you will gain.

Take Up a New Hobby

Hobbies are a great way to learn, because it takes something you’re passionate about and making it a regular part of your life. Have you wanted to learn to play piano? Take it up as a hobby. It’s a fun way to try something new and learn along the way.


I have learned so much by just reading books. And you can learn just as much from fiction books as you can from non-fiction, especially about how people interact with each other. From just reading books I’ve learned the quintessential differences between The Beatles and The Stones, the danger money has on your life, how dwelling in the past is dangerous, and the numerous last words of various famous people (John Adams said “Thomas Jefferson still survives” even though Jefferson died 5 hours earlier). Books teach us lessons in their morals, which might be the most valuable lessons books provide.

Take a Class

I did say I am an advocate for outside-of-the-classroom learning, but classrooms and classes are a valuable way to gain new knowledge. And classes don’t have to be about subjects found in your K-12 education. You can take cooking classes or dance classes. There is probably a class for everything, so its likely you’ll find something that interests you.

The Internet

The internet hold a wealth of information waiting to be learned. It’s a place where people can share their knowledge with others and learn from some great people. Even great institutions ( like Harvard and MIT) are sharing class content online for free,so you can go through their database and find what suits your fancy.

What is the most recent thing you learned? Share your knowledge in the comments.


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