Design-A-Day Challenge

Since I’m working on becoming a designer, I figured it was a good way to challenge myself and also grow my portfolio by starting the Design-A-Day Challenge.

The premise is quite simple. Create a design every day and share it. There are no themes to follow or a strict amount of days, although the longer the better. My intention with this challenge is to create a least one new design per day for the next few months. I’ll be sharing the designs on my Instagram and will probably do a monthly round up to show what designs were made in a month.

I’m officially starting today! If you want to follow along make sure to follow me on Instagram. And feel free to join in on the challenge or adapt it to fit what you create!



4 Replies to “Design-A-Day Challenge”

  1. Excited to see your designs!! I have absolutely zero design experience / background but always love to support my fellow bloggers with their creative pursuits! 🙂

    ps–will follow along on insta!


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