B is for… Blogging


B is for Blogging

The first blog I ever started was on Blogger, and was like a diary. I think it still exists even, but is password protected and privatized. It was started in 2013, and overall is fairly emotional, to say the least.

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In 2014, my job at the time challenged us to do a 30 day challenge, meaning do something every day for 30 days that you have wanted to do to make it a habit. I decided to start a new blog and write a post every day for the 30 days. That blog was Look Through My Lens, which turned into a blog about a huge variety of topics, from mental health to college to music and more. This blog was active until the end of 2016 once I decided to become more niche.

I’ve loved geeky things, so in 2015 I started A Geek Girl’s Guide, which was originally called Geek Chic. Turns out, a lot of sites and business are called Geek Chic. Like, probably hundreds. So I went through a whole rebranding process where I switched to A Geek Girl’s Guide, and later another rebrand to what is currently the brand. It’s my geeky corner of the internet that I cherish.


And this current blog is a partner for my future freelance business as well as an archive of previous work and guest work in other places. It grew from the idea that is How To Succeed in Blogging Without Really Trying, and is what you see today.

What is your letter B? Let me know with a comment!


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