What’s In My Camera Bag?


Commonly when people share their camera bags, it’s full of lenses and other things directly involving the camera. Well, I’ve started to create a more unique camera bag, with ordinary things to help with different photography situations, particularly blog photography as of late. Let’s take a peak.

Tripod and Phone Mount

You can find an excellent tripod without breaking the bank. You definitely want it to be made of sturdy materials, and try to avoid plastic legs because they break soooooo easy. I’ve broken enough to know. My current tripod is a Sunpak 5200D, which you can find at Walmart and Amazon for $20 and it’s a sturdy tripod with almost everything you want in a tripod.

phone mount.jpg

I bought a phone mount for my tripod, that screws in just like a camera, and I love this device. It’s a Square Jellyfish Metal Tripod Mount, and you can have your phone both vertical and horizontal. I originally used it to film time lapses on my phone (you can see an example here) but now I will often use it for my next item.

Cell Phone Flashlight

If your smartphone has a flashlight option, you can quickly turn it on and put your phone on your tripod with the handy mount above and you now have a quick extra light source. I often use this inside or if I need specific light direction but can’t control the natural light. Below is an example of a photo using the phone flashlight.


Blank Canvas

When I do product photos, particularly when taking photos for A Geek Girl’s Guide reviews, I don’t have a full setup. I just take a blank canvas, which you can find at any craft store, and find a flat surface to put it on. I can then layout what I want to photograph and it will have a clean white background. These photos are also very easy to edit because of the clean white background and many tools you can alter based on the black, white, and gray tones. All the photos below were taken with the blank canvas technique.



Camera Backpack

I went from a normal, small camera bag to a backpack, and I won’t go back unless I absolutely have to (plus my small bag is broken in so many ways that duct tape can’t fix). My backpack is a Burton Camera Bag, which has fewer pockets and is better if you have a smaller camera kit like myself. But you can definitely find backpacks made for a lot more equipment. What I love about my backpack is that the bottom compartment is for my cameras, has organization inserts and is padded, but still has a larger top pocket for larger items and a third pocket, which I use for my laptop when I need to travel. The backpack style is great for traveling and carrying a lot of equipment and better for your body than shoulder bags.

What are your essentials in your camera bag? Let me know below!


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