Generating Ideas


Sometimes the hardest part of blogging is coming up with ideas, especially in moments of lackluster motivation and burnout. And sometimes you just get stuck after having so many ideas. But, there is a way to help you get back to coming up with ideas quickly.

What do you like to write?

Sometimes I get burnout from writing so much that I lose the enjoyment, and need to pull back out of it with writing things I enjoy. If you ever draw a blank for any reason, going back to why you like blogging and what you like to write about is a good first step.

What is timely?

Depending on your niche, certain topics will perk up in relevancy at better times and you can spark up ideas based on what’s trending. This happened, quite incidentally, when I wrote my Ilvermorny Sorting Guide on A Geek Girl’s Guide, which was right after the quiz came out on Pottermore. I felt the houses need more explanation, so I took advantage of it. If you see a topic or trend that sparks your interest, take advantage of it.

What can you expand on?

Is there a post you already have that you can make a sequel of? Or something that has another topic hidden within it? Go through old posts and see what inspires you.

Keep Notes

Always keep notes on ideas when they pop up, even if you don’t use them right away. And when you’re struggling for ideas, you can flip through your notes and dig some up.

How do you think of ideas? Share in the comments below!





3 Replies to “Generating Ideas”

  1. I like the point about keeping notes. I look back through my feed, noting topics that generated conversations, reblogs, link backs etc. Also, it’s fair to solicit feedback from your viewership, based on those notes. Are they looking for you to expand on a topics, start a new thread, etc.?


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