How To Be More Decisive

This post is originally from Look Through My Lens.


I’m going to start this off by saying, I have had so much difficulty making and committing to decisions lately. Even deciding what I was writing for today was a struggle, which inevitably led me here. We all have those times where we struggle making decisions, both big and small, and some struggle way more than others. So I have gathered some tips to help make the process easier.

Identify Why You Are Struggling

A lot of my struggling with decisions lately is because of money, not knowing if I can afford things and if it’s worth spending money. Other struggles have come from being anxious and fear of failing. These issues aren’t about the decision being made as much as my own perceptions of the consequences. If you can figure out why the decision making is difficult and tackle that, making a decision will be much easier.

Plan As Much As You Can

When trying to make the money decisions, I spent hours and hours and hours making budgets to try and figure it all out. The planning helped me see what was realistic and what wasn’t, thus making decisions was easier when I knew what was and was not possible.

Don’t Convince Yourself Out of Decisions

I spend so much time convincing myself out of decisions and then re-making decisions, it is exhausting. At some point, you need to just commit to what you have decided and do it, and don’t let fear stop you.

Go With Your Gut

This might contradict much of what I have said above, but if you have a sincere gut feeling about a decision, do what it says. This happened recently where I booked a hotel, and my gut feeling was telling me that I shouldn’t stay there and change hotels, so that is what I did. Now all my stress and anxiety because of that is gone. Your gut might contradict what you have already decided, but if its making an impact and concerning you, change the plan. And if you have yet to make a choice, your gut can help guide you in the right direction.

How do you make decisions? Let me know in the comments below.


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