Perks of Being Self Taught


At a young age, I taught myself photography and video editing using my mom’s old cameras and the free Movie Maker software that Microsoft made. These seemingly random skills turned into passions and a footprint of my higher education and career, and it all started with self-education.

Often we see experts who carry immense education from top institutions and want to be just like them, even though we can’t be. Although I am a huge supporter of education at higher levels (ie college), there is something special about teach yourself how to do something.There are quite a few perks that come with doing as such.

Freedom to Experiment

With classrooms you get guidelines, and you tend to follow the directions as given with little improvisation or creativity. But when you are your own teacher, you can try different things to see what works best for you and even see how many different ways there are to accomplish something.

Sense of Accomplishment

I never felt any sense of accomplishment when I completed something in class where I just followed the step-by-step guide. But when I self taught myself something, I felt great pride that I accomplished something by myself. When you do it all by yourself, you get that sense of accomplishment you may not always get from a classroom.

Understanding of Needing More

When you start to teach yourself something, you can gauge your understanding and whether or not you need to learn more or get a traditional education or need a Google search or two. You know your skill set and will know when you need more education and when to be taught by someone else.

Your Goals In Mind

In large classrooms, teachers can’t have your exact goals in mind when teaching. But when you teach yourself, you lead with your goals in mind, thus getting closer to truly achieving your goals directly.

What have you taught yourself to do? Let me know in the comments.


2 Replies to “Perks of Being Self Taught”

  1. I think being self taught can make a huge difference to creativity! I’m not a great gardener, but have taught myself how to grow a few things from seed, and although I had some classical piano lessons I stopped when I was quite young and went on to teach myself more modern music that I was interested in. Just this week I’ve had a go at making my own video – a bit challenging, but so happy with the end result! In saying that though, I do still see a lot of value in formal education too – I probably wouldn’t have achieved the things I wanted to without it 😉


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