How To Be An Effective Failure

This post is originally from Look Through My Lens.


People don’t like to talk about failure. No one likes to admit they failed. Looking into some of the things I’ve done and tried to do made me realized that I have failed a lot without really realizing or admitting it to myself, let alone others. To be fair, I think I’ve used these failures to my advantage. Here is how.

Don’t Focus on What Failed, Understand Why It Failed

When we fail, we seem to focus on that fact. We say “I failed at _____” but do we really go and figure out why? The why is what matters, because when we understand the why we can go back and make changes and make successes. The why is what matters.

Let It Return You to Reality, But Not Keep You Down

Failure can be a huge blow to our self-esteem and ego. But sometimes when we are so high up, we lose insight and need to come down a little bit. Failure helps keep us in reality, but don’t let a failure keep you down forever. Use it to understand what went wrong, and take off again.

Failure Doesn’t Define You, So Don’t Let It

There is a difference between saying ” I failed at _____” and “I am a failure”. One quote my friend would say was “I will let you fail, but I won’t let you be a failure”. Failure is a stepping stone of the process, but it’s not your whole identity. Humans are too complex for sing word descriptors as it is.

What are your thoughts on failure? Let me know with a comment below.


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