A is for… Art

aI remember back in Kindergarten, we made ABC books about ourselves. Granted, it was very simple since a 5 year old has only done so much in their conscious life, so mine probably just said B is for Barbie and C is for Chocolate. I figured it would be an interesting series and concept to revisit the ABCs, and share more about myself than I normally do in my writing. Think of this as the ABC secrets of Michelle. 

A is for Art.

My Grandma was an artist, specifically a painter. She spent the later years of her life Screenshot_2017-01-04-17-24-35-1.pngwatching Bob Ross and teaching herself how to paint, and then teaching others how to paint. She taught people till the day she died.

I grew up with art around me in different forms, and took hold of it for self expression. I started dancing at a very young age, would take my mom’s camera and take pictures of things in our back yard, joined theatre and band in high school, and kept these passions as I got older. Art has been a very, very significant part of my life and makes me who I am.

What would your A be? Let me know in the comments.


3 Replies to “A is for… Art”

  1. I love art! I enjoy going to art museums and the performing arts. I danced for a long time (still do, just not in a class or with choreography). My husband and I are amateur art collectors with some lovely prints and a few original pieces. Art might be my A too!


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