Content Calendar That Works


When it comes to blogging, I live and die by my content calendar. It is the place where ideas become posts, and the one thing I use the most when it comes to anything blogging related. Finding a content calendar that works took a lot of trial and error, but these are my secrets to help you get a great calendar to plan your content.

Find the Best View

Regardless of if you use a physical calendar or a digital one, decide how you want to view it. For my content calendar, I prefer looking at a a full month when planning my content. That way I can see what the whole month looks like, and plan content well in advance so I’m not scrambling to generate a post last second. Others prefer looking at 1 week or 2 at a time, it’s all a personal preference. The sooner you find your view, though, the better off you’ll be.

Color is Your Friend

Color coding is a magical method. Since I have multiple projects I work on consistently, color coding makes it so easy to see what is for what. I have the designated green for A Geek Girl’s Guide, than the designated blue for Look Through My Lens, etc. And when something has been completed and set to publish, I change it to a gray color so it no longer stands out as bright as the need-to-do content. An example is below.


Keep It Separate

I can’t imagine using only one planner for everything, and I mean everything. I technically have 3 calendars I use, all with their individual purposes. When you keep your content calendar separate, it will be easier to keep organized and straightforward. My content calendar has all three blogs, my Twitch stream, and social media campaigns on it, but when it comes to school or work, they have their own places to stay organized.

Do What Works For You

At the end of the day, if you have what works for you and you’re comfortable and productive with, than congrats you have what you need. People, particularly other bloggers, will continue to come up with solutions to hypothetical problems for content calendars, try to sell you their product, and it may not be worthwhile for you after all. My calendar is through Google Calendar, which is free with a Google Account, and I’ve never had issues with my method. When you find what works, stick to it. And if it’s not working, try again.

What are your tips and tricks for a great content calendar? Share below in a comment!


4 Replies to “Content Calendar That Works”

  1. At this point I am only trying to write or post more. I have drafts saved, but am not trying to give myself deadlines. When I think it feels like work, then I know I’ll stop with the progress that I’ve made already. I know a calendar will help, but it usually hinders my creative process.


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