I’m Not A Creative, And Neither Are You


This may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t call myself a creative, and frankly neither should you.

In an interview, designer Mike Monteiro said “Don’t let people call you a creative. That’s a hate word. You’re a designer, it’s a craft. There is a tendency for people who hire designers and photographers and illustrators like to lump everyone into one field and decide we’re going to label these people as creatives and they’d just come in and do their magic act…because this is just a thing that they do, and designers buy into that crap.”

This struck a cord with me, because although I am a very creative individual, I do not call myself a creative. I’ve been a writer, or a designer, or a photographer, even an online content creator, but not a creative.


When you spend hours a day and years of your life perfecting and working on your craft and specialty, you are worth being called exactly what you are. When you’re called a creative, it sounds like a hobby, just a thing you do but lacks the acknowledgement of the hard work and time you have put into it, especially if your craft is your career.

I see that we are called creatives all of the time, whether in blog posts or videos or news articles. We are lumped together as one collective group, as if we all do the same thing. Certainly, if they want all of our attention, this is okay. But we should call ourselves what we truly are, whether that is a writer, designer, artist, musician, illustrator, animator, video maker, etc. Don’t settle for calling yourself a creative.

Yes, you have creativity, you create things, but your specialties need acknowledgement they deserve.


3 Replies to “I’m Not A Creative, And Neither Are You”

  1. Love this! I’m a writer and a social media influencer, not simply a creative. Now I just need to come up with a word for arranging photos, since my husband actually takes most of them for me. I set up a lot of the shots, though!


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