Entering The New Year


It’s beginning to look a lot like 2017 everywhere we go…

So 2016 has been quite the roller coaster, hasn’t it? This post really isn’t about that, but about what’s coming up in the new year.

I don’t really want to promise anything, but I do have plans and ideas and goals to accomplish that I have planned out and will try to tackle during this new year.

Overall, I am going to pursue design more heavily and making that my focus, rather than writing or speaking. Art and design have been a part of my life for the entirety of my life, and it’s what I want to spend more time doing and making a career out of. I have steps to make this more of a reality.

First, I am going to graduate school to get a master’s degree in Web Design, so that is certainly my priority of my attention. After earning my bachelor’s with a degree that is not in design field, I felt it was a smarter decision to pursue further education to grow from what I do already know.

Second, I will be putting more attention into my Twitch stream, where I stream editing and design under Creative. This has helped motivate me into creating again and also given me opportunities for commission work. My goal is to stream more often and more consistently, which will be easier in the new year now that my schedule has calmed down.

Third, I have a few passion projects I would like to tackle. One of these is Liternature, a photo series I started in 2016 combining images of nature with illustrations from literature. I want to continue this  series and expand on it. I have a few projects that I want to keep quiet for now, as there are still so much planning to do. And many smaller projects, such as a design business, commission work, and developing new hobbies.

Fourth, I have some business plans and opportunities with design, and will put energy there more often.

And lastly, I won’t be completely stopping writing. I will still be writing, just what I write about will shift in favor of the change of focus and the reader survey I had done a couple months ago. And I hope to do a few more pieces on the Huffington Post, as long as the work suits it.

I hope you all are willing to take this journey with me in 2017 and that you are setting a path for yourself to take as well.


4 Replies to “Entering The New Year”

  1. Those are some great goals. This year is focused on being easy and fun! Taking time to not be so stressed out and to give birth. I want this little one to enter the world with a mom as happy as I can try to be. Which means cutting a lot of things…


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