On Taking An Impromptu Break


So, it’s been awhile, and I am even having trouble writing this post. Obviously, I took an impromptu break from the writing world. Part of this was to explore new opportunities, part of this was a battle with depression, and part of it was incredible sense of overwhelm I have with everything in my life. 

So here is a snippet of my life in this moment. I’m 22 years old, which is barely an adult. In four weeks and 3 days of this publishing I graduate with my bachelor’s degree. I start graduate school in a little over a month. I have applied to many, many jobs and have heard back from very few of them. I have to move out of my apartment before the new year, and currently don’t have a concrete plan on where to go. Everything has been layers of unknowns and waiting endlessly, and has kept me incredibly preoccupied.

The last thing on my mind was writing and keeping up with blogging at all, so I just stopped. It was not a priority for me, and wasn’t being a stress-relief either. I’m not stopping forever (obviously I am writing this right now) and will hopefully pick it back up after more rest and inspiration. Basically, don’t expect scheduled content, and more just random pop ups of pieces here and there.

Now, I know this isn’t recommended as a successful blogger. You want to be on a schedule to help be successful, but with how my life is going right now I can’t afford that. So I’m redefining what success means to me. What that definition is yet, I don’t know. But that is what I am doing.

Take care.


4 Replies to “On Taking An Impromptu Break”

  1. You got to do you. This is also the time of year when people take a hiatus (what on earth is the plural of that word) from some of the fun things they do. Even I have to do it, what with a doctoral defense and a possible moving day coming up. You do you, as long as you come back and get yourself back on point.


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