How To Manage Internet Fatigue


I have found myself spending about 95% of my day in front of a computer on the internet, whether it is working, for school, blogging, or for entertainment. It has become the only time I am away from  the internet is when I am asleep. So much of my energy goes into the online universe that it’s becoming exhausting, but it’s hard to stop using the internet when it’s the basis of my education and employment. I’ve started to look for ways to battle the internet fatigue I am experiencing.

To better define Internet Fatigue, here is a great quote from a Complex article.

It’s been months since I first diagnosed myself, and many of my friends and peers, with Internet fatigue, a phenomenon that is not new but seems to be intensifying. Internet fatigue is what comes after Internet addiction: you scroll, you refresh, you read timelines compulsively and then you get really, really exhausted by it. It is an anxiety that comes along with feeling trapped in a whirlwind of other people’s thoughts.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over It

Internet fatigue makes you exhausted, and when you’re exhausted you should sleep. However, sleep at normal hours for a normal period of time. I noticed my fatigue was getting worse when I stopped having a regular sleep pattern and wasn’t getting enough sleep. Just because you have internet 24/7, doesn’t mean you should be on it that much. Get rest, take care of yourself.

Focus On One Tab

I have the tendency to have 4-6 tabs open at one time, and have two monitors so two windows open at that. When you have your brain switch tasks so quickly between tabs and windows, you get tired a lot faster and can’t get anything done. Focusing on one tab will help you actually be productive and reduce the exhaustion of tab hopping.

Change Your Notification Settings

Seriously the best thing I have done is change my notification settings on everything to only be the most important. My phone isn’t constantly buzzing or lighting up every second, and I’m only getting what I need to see. I even went to the point of deleting the Facebook app off my phone entirely. I can guarantee it helps, because then you don’t feel obligated to check your phone every single time you get a notification. Seriously, you don’t need to get every notification right away, so change your settings so you don’t.

What do you do to prevent internet fatigue? Share with a comment.








8 Replies to “How To Manage Internet Fatigue”

  1. I don’t so much get tired as bored once in a while. Sometimes I’ll feel like I have read the whole of the internet. What I don’t understand is I know how addicted I am and yet if I’m away on holiday without any internet access I don’t miss it in the slightest. Interesting post 🙂

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  2. It is easy to get overloaded. Seems like I am always on the computer. I went on a trip for a couple of days and when I returned had over 250 emails plus all the social media to get caught up on. I try to prioritize the FB groups I am in and the most important I set for receive all notifications, the rest I set up for a weekly summary. The rest of the social media accounts I set aside specific times to respond. At least I try to.


  3. You hit the nail on the head with “focus on one tab at a time.” I am always scatterbrained when I have 12 tabs open and never get anything accomplished that way. Maybe it’s time for a change. Thanks for the post!


  4. Yes – internet addiction is REAL especially for us bloggers. From checking stats to networking and answering comments, its a world that draws you in. Turning off notifications is a great idea. I also try to set mini deadlines for myself throughout the day and set times when I can check my blog and social networks. No checking in between! Thanks for the tips!


  5. Wonderful tips… especially multi-tab suggestions! Focus is always a problem for us, and I am highly distractible. Scheduling time to blog is a great idea, but sometimes my muse hits me at 4 a.m. Keeping a notebook and pen next to my glasses in the bathroom helps for such times. I can log ideas then, and when I wake properly, sometimes I forgot I even wrote those notes! They can be a great source of ideas. I also put blogging at the end of other must-do chores. Then I view it as more reward than punishment. Hope this helps! Mother Hen


  6. Sometimes small breaks are good too. Sometimes I’ll take a 20 to lie in bed and read or play an app on my game. And while apps could still be considered part of the Internet, having any time away from the computer can be refreshing.


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