Why I Went Live

stream starting.png

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen that I talk quite a bit about Twitch, the live streaming platform of gaming and creative content. Most of this is because my main form of entertainment is Twitch and I am close with a few streamers and communities. And I knew it was a potential platform for myself, but I needed some motivation and inspiration to do it.


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I’ll summarize the motivation as briefly as possible. I had been working on setting up a stream for a little while. Making all of the banners, panels, overlays, etc and getting it to look how I wanted and looking clean and professional. I had ideas of what to do on the stream, because I want to be a creative streamer and focus on editing, design, and other artistic pursuits. All I needed was some motivation. And that came after I went to Twitch Con and a generous shout-out by another streamer.

banner update 10-8.png

So now I am trying to stream creative every Sunday morning. I am pursuing doing design more often, since my future education is steering me towards design, so that is my main focus. You can find my stream here! And if you want some design stuff done, definitely contact me!



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