How To Identify Your Values


Since I have had to make many, many, MANY decisions lately that will have major changes to my life, I wanted to find some sort of methodology for making these decisions that I can trust. From a speaker I had the opportunity to listen to, I learned that finding my personal values was what I needed to do. Here is how I did it.

First things first, here are what my values are! They are Learning, Aesthetics, Autonomy, Integrity, and Creativity.

But how did I figure out that these 5 words were my values? And what do they mean in terms of my decision making? Let me explain:

Take a Test

So there are a multitude of little quizzes on the internet  that claim to help you find your values. I tried a bunch of them and disliked the majority, personality. Most of them involved a list of adjectives where you pick your top 20, then top ten, then top 5. I don’t like these type of tests because it assume you know the exact definitions of every word listed. And some are so close that you don’t know how they are different. There is a great deal of bias and subjectivity with these type of tests.

The test I used is through a paid program I did for work. It asks for you to rank how you agree or disagree with a statement. It then took my rankings and told me my top words. I had about 8 words because of ties, so from there I finalized a top 5.

How They Help Me Make Decisions

The shortest possible way to explain this is that I see if the options I have align with my values, and if they do then lean that way, and if not then lean the other. I’m not doing it as an end-all-be-all method for making decisions, especially with the high caliber choices I have to make. But it’s a good starting point when you don’t know where to start. Also, these values represent you, your personality, and your beliefs, so making decisions that align with your values will, generally, best fit you.

What are your values? Share them below!



3 Replies to “How To Identify Your Values”

  1. My values would likely be very similar to yours — learning, creativity, and integrity are incredibly important to me. Also, I LOVE the images you use here!! They’re beautiful 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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