Let Me Explain Myself


I’m baaaaaaack.

So yeah, I completely disappeared from writing and blogging and all that. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw me deciding whether or not to take a break from it all to help me focus on my final semester of undergrad and because I had lost the enjoyment of blogging with the amount of work I had thrown at me in the matter of a week of so. Long story short, I did take the break without much formal warning. I pretty much slipped into silence, with some random Twitter-ing and Instagram-ing.

I’m approaching two years on writing and blogging, so I can say the honeymoon phase is over. It began to feel a lot more like work and a chore, especially with as busy as I was getting with school and starting two jobs, plus preparing for my post-grad life. The healthiest choice was to take a break.

But! I am trying to come back into writing more consistently and have content more often. I also have some new projects that I am working on and will come out through the end of this year!

So yeah, that was the extent of this post really, just explaining where and why I was quiet. I can’t wait to see your feedback and comments on future posts and projects!


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