Adobe Apps Review

adobe apps

Adobe is definitely known for creating different software and programs for all types of creation. From Photoshop to Premiere to Illustrator and more, we’ve all at least heard of an Adobe tool. They have broadened their scope to include apps, so I tested some of the free ones on Android you can try.

capture Adobe Capture

What Adobe Capture does is it can collect information from images and the world around. This includes brushes, colors, patterns, and filters. It pretty much captures and creates new sets in tools you can use in other Adobe apps.

I have liked it most with capturing colors to use. You can capture live scenery and it will find colors for you, or use an image (like I did below) to find colors. You can also refine the colors by dragging the circle around the image. If you love finding new colors for different reasons, this app is great for it.


adobe draw Adobe Draw

Adobe Draw is like a mini Illustrator. You can use it to draw whatever suits your fancy. It’s pretty simple to use for those who are not extremely knowledgeable about Adobe programs, and also has enough of the Adobe functions (layers, being an example) for those who use Illustrator and the like often.

I am in no way a good drawer; it is definitely not on my list of skills, but I had way too much fun drawing and playing around with this app. I definitely recommend a stylus for it because it is easier to use and get the results you are looking for.


ps expressps mix
 Photoshop Express and

Photoshop Mix

So, Adobe has multiple Photoshop related apps, and their purpose is to do simple Photoshop tasks and then you can transfer the image to the full Photoshop program for more advanced editing.

Photoshop Express (as shown below) is meant to be as quick as possible in editing, so it mostly functions with filters and quick applications that effect the whole image. If you just want to fix red eye and other basic adjustments, Photoshop Express is the one for you. I really like it for quickly brightening and adding contrast/ saturation to my dull phone camera photos.

Now, if you want to do some of the more artsy and tricky Photoshop tricks, Mix is the app you want. In there you can make selections and change shading and isolate parts of the image. It really is the mini Photoshop, because you work in layers and all of that. You are limited to only 5 layers in the app, but can transfer your work to the full Photoshop after if you need to.


spark Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark was made to create social media visuals, first and foremost. It’s not available on Android at the moment, but can be used in your browser. If you’ve ever used Canva, it remind me of that but with more options for creating shareable imagery.

I mainly focused on Spark Video, and found it to be a great tool for me to change up my messaging for announcements.  For example, I used it to announce my site redesign. I have made a few other videos for other announcements in the future too.

It’s super easy to use, and mostly works with templates, which can be hit or miss whether or not a template fits your vision or not. But I find it a fun way to change up your visuals.

spark preview

Have you tried any of the Adobe Mobile apps? Let me know which ones you love or want to try out.


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