Google Tools for Bloggers


Google has a huge variety of tools and services to help anyone and everyone, including us bloggers. We have all heard of AdSense and Adwords and Analytics, but what other tools does Google have for bloggers?

Google Apps for Work

This is a paid service that houses a few different apps to help at work. I use it to host my email, so it is instead of For all of the projects and work that I do, I found it necessary to get this email and this service, but it may not be necessary for you.


Google Alerts

I love Google Alerts for staying updated on various topics that peak my interest. This is great for bloggers for 2 purposes. 1) You can make alerts for topics you cover on your blog so you stay up-to-date on trends and new information. 2) You can make an alert for yourself so you are updated when others are talking about you or your blog. My primary use is for number 1, and it’s great because it collects all the articles for you and sends it to you in an email, and you can control how often you get an email. If you write about current events, pop culture, or trending topics, you need to use Google Alerts.

Google Calendar

I do all of my blog/ personal project scheduling in Google Calendar. It’s clean, simple, and easy to use, which is all I want in a Calendar when I just need to pull it up real quick and start working. I suggest using a digital calendar when blogging, if it is what works for you.If you are a pen and paper person, by all means do that.

google calendar.JPG

Google Forms

Whether you want to do reader surveys, want guest posts, or collecting research on a topic, Google Forms is super helpful. It’s easy to setup a form and use, you can choose to be notified when responses come in, turn off the form without deleting it, and design it to match your brand. I’ve used it for a couple of posts I have done for research, including the Making Blogging Social series. I’ve used it for guest writers and reader surveys in the past too. And, if you have a lot of Google Tools already, this keeps it in the same house.


Before I used WordPress and started my 3 current blogs, I used Blogger as a journal/ private blog. It is another option for bloggers, and I have definitely seen people create great looking sites on Blogger, so it’s an option if WordPress is not your favorite place.

Google Domains

Google Domains is like Blue Host and Go Daddy and other domain housing sites. You purchase your domain name through Google, and then run your site through somewhere like or other places. You want to own your domain to make it clean and professional looking, but make sure you are set on your blog’s name and branding first. It is a pain to switch domains when you re-brand (trust me, I’ve done it). Google Domains is currently in beta.


Google URL Shortener

This is great for sharing posts on sites with character limits, like Twitter, because you take the URL for the post, put it in shortener, and it will create a short url, something like with a few additional characters. It saves space by making the link shorter, and has many uses when you need a shorter url.

What Google tools do you use for blogging? Share in the comments.


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