New Look is Here

This has been the summer of re-branding, for sure. With complete site redesigns for Look Through My Lens and A Geek Girl’s Guide, to my social media headers, business cards, and logos, it was about time for me to re-do this page to fit what was out there and to prep for future expansion.

As you can see, the theme has completely changed. Although my previous theme had elements I like, I didn’t love the site in it’s entirety. Aesthetics are very important to me, so I knew I had to re-do it all.

For my sites, I only use free themes, mainly because I can’t afford to buy a theme, both emotionally because what if I don’t love it after all, and monetarily because my money is prioritized elsewhere. This is the Dyad theme, if anyone wants to check it out. I find it to be one of the more customizable themes on WordPress.

I’ve also spread the design look of my logo throughout the site so it all fits together. It helps tie everything together and put all of my projects under one umbrella look.

With the new design comes a new head shot as well!


A big reason I did the re-design is to allow for expansion of my brand and have it fit here in a balanced fashion. The announcements for the expansion and new projects will come later!

Have you done a redesign or are considering one? Let me know below.


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