Making Blogging Social: Social Media for Bloggers Part 2

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In the first post of this series, I wrote about which platforms of social media are the most used and highest rated among bloggers. Now, I’m going to talk about how you can use the top platforms to your advantage.

Put Out Good Content, Especially Visual

Around 2 billion people use social media, and are putting some form of content out there. If you want to stand out, you need to put out excellent content. Think of it like writing a compelling blog post: you want to make it personally, write in your voice, and use visuals. In a world where endless scroll exists, people will more likely stop on a visual than just text.

Be Interactive, Don’t Automate Everything

Automation has become such a craze in social media, and it can be helpful and irritating at the same time. Some people use automation to automatically follow people that use certain key words, to like photos on Instagram that use specific hashtags, send out DM’s on Twitter, hell even tweet and post for you. I do use schedulers and some automation, but not to interact with others or do follows and likes. My follows and likes are genuine, and I take interaction seriously and do it myself. People get really annoyed when you do automate follows and likes, myself included. It’s like we aren’t talking to you, we are talking to a robot. I know it takes time and thought, but be yourself online and actually be you.

Don’t Treat Each Platform the Same

Instagram is not Facebook which isn’t Twitter and so on and so forth. And although some content can cross between platforms, you can’t look at them as all the same. It’s best to create a plan for each you plan to use. It doesn’t have to be huge and extensive, but even just deciding your intentions and how you will actually use each platform will help you out. For example, my Instagram is not very promotional of each individual post I do, but more about my brand in general, behind the scenes, special announcements. My Twitter and Facebook Page are what do the individual post promos.

Sharing is Caring, but Be Careful

I see people always say to share other people’s work in order to support and network, but be careful when you do. Promoting content through likes and shares has been legally recognized of an endorsement of opinion, meaning you share it or like it you agree with it. Don’t blindly share content based on a caption, and only share content you 100% agree with and can support. Not only are you legally safe, it’s a happier atmosphere to share content you support versus content you are against.

What’s your social media tip? Share with a comment.


16 Replies to “Making Blogging Social: Social Media for Bloggers Part 2”

  1. There are so many groups on Facebook dedicated to different categories. For me Facebook groups works the best. I do update my Pinterest account but most of the traffic on my blog is through Facebook.


  2. Great tips! As an entrepreneur just starting to really explore social media, these pieces of advice are uber valuable. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. I almost never respond to canned Twitter responses.I do automate with Buffer but that is to schedule my content to cycle every few weeks. I agree that comments mean the most to bloggers. I hate when I open up blogger and I have nothing but spam in the comments. I live shout out can carry me a long way.


  4. I’m very much like you–I do not appreciate the “automatic” factor to social media, it takes away a lot of the authenticity and real interaction that makes social media interesting!


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