Making Blogging Social: Social Media for Bloggers Part 1

blogging social

Social media is huge tool for all influencers, including bloggers. It’s our main tool for getting our writing out into the world, networking with brands and other bloggers, and growing a following. But which social media platform is the best for bloggers?

Obviously, this is a totally subjective question and there is no one platform that is the absolute best. Especially with hundreds of thousands of social media apps out there, there can’t be just one. But, from my experience, there are a few that outshine the rest, and I also called upon a wide variety of bloggers to put in their input as well.

I have used a lot of social media, both personally and professionally. When it comes to blogging, there are a few that stand out as my favorites and what I find to be the most effective. I broke it all down into 4 categories, as follows.

Best for Growing Readership

I knew before asking that Pinterest was the winner here. Personally, I have drifted from loving Pinterest to tolerating it because taking it from personal to blogging made it less fun for me. I find Twitter as a great way to get new readers, particular from others tweeting the post.  Below is what the surveyed bloggers had to say.


Best for Networking with Bloggers

My personal favorite for interacting with other bloggers is Twitter. Through chats to just replying to tweets, I connect with people there the easiest. The survey, however, said Facebook was considered the best. One respondent, though, specifically cited Facebook Groups as the networking tool, since there are thousands of blogging groups used to network, connect, and promote.

network blog

Best for Networking with Brands

When it comes to connecting with brands, it’s often, from what I have experienced, off of social media and through affiliates. But, it is definitely possible to connect through social media, and I definitely encourage it! Again, Twitter is my favorite, but I also like following a brand on Instagram that I like to keep up with them and see if I fit them. The survey also agreed that Twitter was the big one here.

network brands

Personal Favorites

But what about what we enjoy using? You can tell me all you want that Snapchat is the next big platform for bloggers, but that doesn’t mean I will enjoy using it for that. I go through phases of what my favorites are, but I usually keep it between Instagram and Twitter. My blogging Instagram is not very promotional, which keeps it more fun for me in the long run. And I enjoy the networking potential that Twitter has. Instagram took the top slot for the survey, with Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook following.

bloggers favorite

But what doesn’t work? My biggest thing with social media is Do Not Have It All! Only have accounts for the platforms you will actually use and find the most beneficial for you. With literally thousands of platforms, you can’t have it all and maintain it well. It will hurt you more than help to have too many accounts.

So what are the least favorites of bloggers? Like I said earlier, I am not a fan of Snapchat as a blogger. I have enough grumblings about Snapchat for personal use as it is. Here is what the survey said.

least fave

What do you think? What is your favorite social media platform? Share with a comment!

This post is part of a series on social media and blogging. 


11 Replies to “Making Blogging Social: Social Media for Bloggers Part 1”

  1. this post its really helpful for us that are new to blogging. i use facebook twitter and pinterest for my blog and ocassionaly g+ instagram i only haveit as a personal account. so far i think its not that bad


  2. this post its great specially if you are new to blogging i use facebook twitter and pinterest for my blog and ocationally g+
    i only use instagram as a personal account


  3. The pie charts were very interesting–I think I tend to feel the same way as you do about Pinterest– “tolerating” it but not really enjoying it unless at the moment I’m using it for something personal–a search on a craft I want to make or something.

    Liked by 1 person

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