A Lone Wolf on the Internet


I recently read this post by Liam O’Dell about how Twitter both unites and divided bloggers. I have seen many of these groups interact, felt both included and excluded from various groups, and generally confirmed that I am a lone wolf of the internet.

To explain, this really all started when I first started blogging on Look Through My Lens. I didn’t know anything about blogging, I just decided to start doing it. I had no idea what a niche was, why I needed it, and so on. So, when I began joining blogging groups, they would ask what my niche was. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t fit into or need a niche, but some of these groups disagreed. After awhile I finally gave myself a niche, and when asked I would fully write out “college, feminist, pop culture, lifestyle blog” Yeah, that was a thing…

And then with Twitter, I started interacting with chats. These chats were a great way to connect with new people, but I could tell I was still an outsider because I hadn’t been there as long and made the bonds that the other chatters already had. And generally, I am pretty bad at keeping up with Twitter chats and when they happened because I am easily distracted and forgetful. So now I followed all of these people, and I can see them interacting in these chats I forgot to drop into.

Overall, I am a lone wolf on the Internet. I tend to do my own thing, not really fit in to many niches or groups. I drift in and out of groups at my own will, some weeks commenting and posting like crazy, and then dead silent for a long time after. It’s just what I tend to do when I start working on new projects. I’ve stopped trying to make my work fit in to the cookie cutter blogging models, it’s just not what I do.

And to be fair, I’m a lone wolf in general, so the fact this translated onto the Internet is really just me being me. My nickname is Alpha for a reason (I am not joking, my coworkers call me alpha).

For what it is worth, floating in and out of groups has actually benefited me more I’d say than sticking with specific groups. I’ve met more people and get to see more perspectives on a variety of topics this way. I don’t need to declare a niche, which gives me more room to grow and branch out as I please. It is, honestly, what works for me best. The groups are incredibly helpful, and I know I can go there with questions/concerns/victories/ downfalls, but I don’t need them to survive online.


9 Replies to “A Lone Wolf on the Internet”

  1. I can relate to this. I have never been good at defining a niche for my blog because it feels too much like putting myself in a box. There are just too many things I like and want to write about!

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  2. Thank you so much for the kind mention – I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

    I think the issue about being a lone wolf comes down to how broad the lifestyle genre is. I mean, anyone can shoehorn their blog into that category because it’s pretty much undefined. What even *is* a lifestyle blog in the blogging community?

    Interesting post – this has given me more food for thought.



  3. [Found you at the Community Pool] It doesn’t sound like you are lonely. Whatever you are doing still appears to connecting you with other people that feel the same way as you do. You may not have identified your niche, but perhaps you have found your tribe. The internet is so vast. Niche or no, there are multitudes of people who’ll connect with us, and vice versa. There’s a quote that loosely says: “Do You. Nobody does You better!”

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  4. I get the lone wolf thing. I am an introvert with a career that where extroverts are honored and praised. I started blogging because I needed a creative outlet. I never wanted to draw attention to myself, I guess you should write things that people want to read and share then. I lift my cup of red wine to salute all the lone wolves. Great post.

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