Writing a Post


Let’s be real, with writing posts you don’t have a blog. And while I think everyone will have a different style of writing, there are some basic steps we can all use to streamline the process.

Figuring Out The Type of Post

Is it a list, like this post, or are you just full-on essay format? The type of post can really change the way you go about it. For me, Lists are easier done by creating the headings first, then the descriptions, and lastly the intro. Other posts I work top to bottom.

Decide The Most Important Points

Obviously, the most important points need to stand out. Whether that is giving individual headings, or creating an outline so you don’t break into a tangent, make sure these points are clear in your post. Outline, however, doesn’t work for everyone. I am not much of an outline user, I tend to just put fingers to keys and start writing, but it can be very valuable.

Does The Word Count Matter?

I often see people asking how much to write in a blog post. Many larger sites, such as Huffington Post, Polygon, The Mighty, and many others set word counts for submissions. When it comes to your own blog though, it’s all up to you. I, personally, don’t stress over word count when it is my personal blogs. I don’t even look at it while I am writing, and when I am satisfied with the post then that’s it.

When You Sit Down To Write

I am notorious for taking a lifetime to write one post, because I get so distracted while trying to write. I honestly don’t want to know how long this post took, because I know it’s an atrociously long time. But, if you want to be efficient, you need to focus on your content and try to get it done in one sitting, or at east the same day. I find it hard to go back to a post if it’s been more than I day since I’ve touched it.

What are your writing tips? Please share in the comments!


5 Replies to “Writing a Post”

  1. For me, an important thing that I try to keep in mind is to be natural and to try to be aware of tone 🙂
    Great post, by the way! I’ll definitely put your tips into practice in my own blogging/writing!

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  2. I once heard to write your post like you’re writing to your best friend. I haven’t implemented that until just recently and it’s really helped transform the tone in my writing in my last draft! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who writes introductions last sometimes 🙂

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  3. I once heard to write your posts like you’re talking to your best friend. That really helped me in my last draft and I can’t wait to publish that post when it’s done. 🙂
    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who sometimes writes introductions last!

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