My Creative Tool Kit


As creatives, we all have our own toolkit that helps us be creative and do what we do. And all of our tool kits are different, but they are all necessary to get our creative juices flowing and to get our work done. My creative tool kit contains the following:

Moleskine Notebook and Pen

I carry a small Moleskine notebook with me everywhere, along with a pen. It is my idea book, so when I get an idea out-of-nowhere, I have a place to put it, especially if I am not immediately at my computer. I got my Moleskine because it is durable, and I know that I would be tossing it frivolously in bags constantly, but any little notebook will do the job well.


Headphones and Music

I can’t focus when it is overly quiet, and a huge amount of my inspiration comes from music. I use Google Play Music now, formerly Spotify, and always have earbuds with me and extra headphones at home.


I like to scroll through different sections of Pinterest when I need to get creative juices flowing. Whether it is through the photography or art tags, or just the popular section, I can get a little refresh of inspiration from Pinterest.


Cell Phone

I am that nerd with Photoshop and Premiere apps on her phone, as well as time lapse filming and other creative tools. My phone is more a tool for creation than distraction now, and that is just the way I like it. It also comes in handy when I get late night inspiration and my notebook is not next to my bed.


My secret from keeping everything in order is that I have 2 planners. That’s right, 2. I use a Passion Planner for school, work, personal stuff, etc. and then I use Google Calendar for my creative, content creation stuff. Keeping the blogging and social media and creation stuff in it’s own calendar keeps it from looking utterly overwhelming and impossible to accomplish.

What is in your tool kit? Share with a comment below!


9 Replies to “My Creative Tool Kit”

  1. I love using my cell phone to be productive! I think smartphones are part of the reason why older generations think millennials are lazy, but we can do so much with our phones. Sure, we can check social media (or read blogs!) and play addictive games, but we can also work on school stuff or check emails. Music is also another one of my necessities for anything!


  2. Love your list. I’m a notebook girl and I have a Leuchturm 1917 that I make my own planner in with doodles and creative ideas sprinkled throughout (it has an index so it’s not just a mess of chaos.). I need to work on making my cell phone more productive than distracting. It seems like if I even touch it, I lose an hour of my day to nothing.


  3. Wow, with two planners, you must be the most organized person I’ve ever come across. I have a planner, though I don’t always meet all the targets. Anyway, that’s another story.
    Regarding my toolkit, it has to be a smartphone. From Notes to Word Processor, and from Social Media apps to Image Editor, this gadget has provided me everything. Really, it’s a lifesaver.
    Loved your blog!


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