Summer Goals

summer goals.jpg

Now that my semester has ended and the warmer weather has made it’s entrance, it’s definitely summer. With the summer comes free time, meaning more working time for me, so I made my summer goals list.

First things first, I will recap my last goals, which are from April, to see what I’ve actually accomplished.

Focus on School

I took the majority of April off from writing, vlogging, etc. so I could focus on school more, which I did to my own misery. But I did it, and now the semester is over.

Get A Trial Box for InsightBox Done

I updated this in the April post, but I definitely finished the trial box and the actual trial. In July will be another trial, so look out for that information.

Social Millennial Viewership

So, the analytics for Social Millennial are very hard to track. I can only track my own posts and what they receive, not the publication as a whole. Hopefully I can figure out a solution to tracking so I know the standings of viewership. From what I have seen though, the views have been fine, but can totally be better.

Take Care of Myself

To bee 100% honest, I cried a lot in April. I am very much the person who feels relieved after crying, so really it is not a big deal. The month as a whole was bumpy. But, rough days lead to smoother ones.

Alright, now on to the summer goals!

Pick Up Photography Again

For my first two years of college, I was constantly taking photos because I was a photography major. And then I changed my degree plans, and put down my camera and haven’t really used it for fun. I really love photography, it is my favorite visual art form. I want to pick up my camera and shoot for the fun of it again, so I am looking at different photo challenges, like the 365 Challenge or 52 Photowalk Challenge.

Do A Photoshoot

This is separate from the above because with this I mean have new photos of me taken. The image I currently use as my head shot on all social media is actually pretty old, a couple years at least. Also, I have quite a few photoshoot ideas that I want to do thaks to Pinterest.

Dance More

I did dance consistently for 12 years before I left to college, and still did it a tiny bit while in college. It is my favorite performing art, and it’s exercise I enjoy. I want to be a part of the dance world again.

Save Money

I have many, many long time goals and aspirations that, unfortunately, take more money than I have access to right now. Also, graduating college means the debt must be dealt with.

Keep On The InsightBox Timeline

Yes, I drew an actual timeline out. I am a visual learner and thinker, and it’s color coded. Also, many exciting things are planned to come up so I don’t want to lose track now.

Work On The Kind-Of Secret Project

Yeah, since it is kind of secret, can’t really explain.

Read At Least 3 Books

I never read books, even though I do enjoy them. When I am in school I can never get engrossed in the pages and chapters because I am always working. So I would like to read at least three before summer ends, which shouldn’t be too bad.

Take Care of Myself

Again, this will forever and always be on my list.

What is on your summer goals list? Share below!


3 Replies to “Summer Goals”

  1. I’d love to start photography, I love it. I thought about buying a new camera but I have to save for it as is not in my budget. I shoukd fame more too, even if it’s only in my bedroom. These are fun, good luck with them.


  2. I really resonate with your take care of yourself point. I also had a really rough month, which led to a lot of crying… but honestly it was exactly what I needed so I could get that negative energy out of my system and move forward.


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