Imperfect and Flawed


I am a creative entrepreneur and an online content creator. I am trying to be my own boss. I want to be successful and inspiring. And I am incredibly flawed and imperfect.

Society doesn’t like imperfection. The internet doesn’t like flaws. But here I am, bruised, battered, and dented, but still good and ambitious. And to be perfectly honest, perfection will never equal success.

I don’t like the word perfect. I don’t think anything can really be perfect, and that might just be my creative neuroses of constantly changing, editing, shifting, cropping, etc etc. But seriously, what the hell is perfect?

It’s also entirely subjective. What is one persons perfect is another’s not good enough. Why should we standardized humans to fit a totally subjective mold?

Being an entrepreneur and boss gives the impression that I am perfect, that I have my shit together. But let me be real: I am more often than not falling apart.

Let me explain, I battle anxiety daily. Some days are better than others, but it is always there. I have also fought through depression. I spent at least a year mistreating myself terribly, and being hurt and broken by others. It is a miracle that I got out of it. I carry that with me still, to make the cliche reference to baggage, the tags are around my wrist.

All of that makes me strong, and strength definitely outweighs perfection. Seriously, don’t be perfect. Have flaws, use them and learn from them, be willing to grow and never stop working, and be strong.

This post was written for the #theimperfectboss campaign. Join us online and share you story.


8 Replies to “Imperfect and Flawed”

  1. Great Post! I am much like you I battled depression for a long time I finally kicked it in the but I still struggle with anxiety but I have hope that one day I will finally feel peace of mind. I dont really strive to be perfect though I just strive to be happy.

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  2. I suffer from anxiety too, it’s not easy and sometimes I think being our own boss and working from home can be a blessing and a curse for anxiety and worry. You can move into your head so far that you can get too caught up in the worry that lives there. Good luck!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts! Perfection haunts me because I am a perfectionist in many areas of my life, but I keep working on myself constantly and keep telling myself: It’s ok, even if it’s not the way you planned it to be. And I’m trying to raise my two girls in a way that they don’t feel like they have to behave perfectly, to look flawlessly and so on. But, you’re right, society and especially social media don’t like imperfection. It’s a tough life for girls and women nowadays. I adore you for writing so honestly about your personal struggles.


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